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Outside Garden areas

A substantial rock in the garden, accompanied by the prominent sight of the iconic Lion's Head visible from almost every angle of the house, has lent to this property's name: Lions Rock.

This remarkable feature serves as the center-piece of a captivating garden that offers a unique experience to those who venture within its bounds. As you enter the house, an array of cacti welcomes you, with the tallest reaching an impressive height of over five meters.


The landscape further unfolds with an abundance of strelitzias, imparting a sense of lush tranquility akin to a Balinese retreat. Swathes of palm trees enhance the atmosphere, evoking a tropical holiday ambiance. The garden, rich in verdant foliage and vibrant shades of green, creates an oasis of invigorating energy, providing a serene sanctuary for rejuvenation.

lionsrock-capetown-anna-fichtnerlionsrock-t2_MG_1140 (1).jpg
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