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Enjoy the view

Lions Rock boasts a rooftop terrace that is not only unique but arguably the best in all of Camps Bay, offering unrivaled 360-degree views of Table Mountain, Lions Head, the Twelve Apostles, and the endless ocean. As the sun sets, the terrace transforms into a magical haven where vibrant hues paint the sky with captivating colors, creating evenings that are truly unforgettable. 


Savor cocktails at sunset or indulge in delectable snacks and sushi for dinner, all while marveling at the city lights twinkling like stars under the night sky. During the day, the terrace is a sunbather's paradise, inviting you to embrace the warm morning sun, surrounded by the majestic mountains that create a sense of peace and seclusion. 


Lions Rock's rooftop terrace promises an experience that immerses you in nature's finest moments, from breathtaking sunsets to tranquil days under the South African sun—an extraordinary sanctuary that defines the essence of this remarkable home.


Welcome to the Barbecue Terrace at Lions Rock, where you can savor the ultimate South African experience with a braai, a cherished tradition deeply ingrained in the local culture. This time-honored gathering revolves around the art of grilling and barbecue, bringing friends and family together to share laughter, stories, and delectable flavors. As you stand around the barbecue, you can even enjoy the splendid view of Lions Head, an iconic landmark that adds to the beauty of this unique setting.

The Barbecue Terrace also features a small garden with fresh herbs, providing you with an array of aromatic delights to enhance your culinary creations. Gather these fragrant herbs from the garden and infuse your dishes with rich flavors, making every meal a delightful and memorable experience.

For those with an adventurous spirit, this terrace offers a unique opportunity to put your freshly caught fish on the grill, a prized catch from an exciting boat trip in Hout Bay. Picture yourself relishing the satisfaction of preparing and savoring your own handiwork amidst the scenic backdrop of Table Mountain.

Step onto the guest terrace at Lions Rock, located just outside the living room of the guest area. This spacious deck features a dining table, providing a comfortable spot for outdoor meals. From here, you can enjoy sea views and observe stunning sunsets, all while taking in the sight of Lions Head in the distance. The guest terrace also offers a relaxing space for sunbathing and chilling, allowing you to fully unwind and soak up the serene ambiance.

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