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Let's sleep to the
sound of the ocean

Lions Rock features four stunning bedrooms, each offering a unique and luxurious experience. Two of these exquisite bedrooms are nestled on the top floor, while the other two are located in the guest area on the middle level of the house.

Indulge in the comfort of all four bedrooms, each adorned with king-size beds and special mattresses, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

The abundance of plush pillows adds a touch of heavenly opulence, inviting you to sink into pure bliss. Some of these enchanting bedrooms provide breathtaking ocean views, allowing you to wake up to the soothing sound of waves caressing the shore. Other rooms transport you to the exotic allure of Bali, evoking a sense of tropical paradise.

This ocean-facing bedroom offers an enchanting view of amazing sunsets from the comfort of your bed. Wake up to the soft glow of dawn and the gentle melody of the ocean, setting the perfect tone for a day filled with tranquility and relaxation.


Each evening, the room transforms into a private gallery showcasing the golden hues of the sinking sun, creating an ambiance of tranquility and wonder.  

As night falls, a large screen descends from the ceiling, turning your bedroom into an intimate movie theater, accompanied by the soothing sound of waves just outside your window. 


Welcome to Master Bathroom 2 at Lions Rock. This bathroom provides ample storage room, ensuring all your essentials are neatly organized for convenience. The abundant natural light creates a bright and inviting ambiance, enhancing the

peaceful atmosphere.

One of the distinctive features of this bathroom is the shower, which allows you to immerse yourself in the calming sight of the ocean while you cleanse. For moments of ultimate relaxation, you can enjoy a luxurious soak in the bathtub, perfect for unwinding your muscles after a hike up Table Mountain. As you gaze into the grand mirror, you'll catch glimpses of the majestic mountain in its reflection.

Welcome to the guest bedroom 1. The centerpiece of this charming room is a large king-size bed, promising comfort, and relaxation.

As you wake up, you'll be greeted by a serene view of the pool and deck, setting the tone for a peaceful day ahead.

Designed with practicality in mind, this bedroom provides ample storage space for your clothing needs, ensuring everything is organized and within reach. You'll find a safe nestled within the closet, offering a secure spot to store your valuables, including your passport. A dedicated work desk offers a convenient spot for attending to any tasks that require your attention.


Large windows fill the room with natural light, creating a pleasant ambiance that complements the tropical vibe emanating from the lush green plants visible from all angles. The seamless integration of the indoors with the outdoor beauty adds to the soothing atmosphere.


Welcome to the second guest room at Lions Rock. This delightful room features a spacious king-size bed, providing you with the perfect sanctuary for restful nights. Ample storage space ensures your clothing is neatly organized, while a convenient desk offers a spot for any work duties that may arise during your stay. A safe is provided to store your belongings.

One of the highlights of this room is its direct access to the terrace, where you can step outside and soak in the sea breeze.

The sea views from this room add a touch of magic to your experience, particularly during sunset. As the sun begins to set,

the room transforms into a haven of warmth and beauty, adorned with mesmerizing sunset colors that make this time of the day truly special.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful night's sleep or want to savor the sunsets from the comfort of your room, the second guest room at Lions Rock ensures an unforgettable stay, where comfort and natural beauty come together in perfect harmony.

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